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13th Octave LaHoChi

13th Octave LaHoChi is a powerful hands-on healing modality that brings in a very high frequency of light into one's physical and energetic bodies. The "La" in LaHoChi refers to the Light, Love and Wisdom coming from the Christ frequency or higher. The "Ho" means the movement of this energy, and the "Chi" is universal life force. As such, LaHoChi energy can be summarized as "healing light of the highest frequencies, filled with life force, moving with the combined intentions of spiritual and human beings to wherever it needs to go". The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God; an awareness that is anchored deep within our hearts. This is a powerful, yet gentle form of energy balancing and healing in which the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured.

The purpose of 13th Octave LaHoChi is to assist us in the fulfillment of our chosen spiritual and physical journeys, assisted by the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This powerful healing brings us back to the Heart of One, to remember our own Divine being. It directly us connects to the Love, support and guidance for our Spiritual paths and deepens our connection to the Divine.

The range of known benefits is far-reaching and heals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. LaHoChi facilitates gentle energetic release of cellular memory and deep healing of physical, emotional, and psychological issues, traumas, and accumulated stress from an individual’s life experiences. It opens, clears and balances the chakra system, and reweaves the energy field by repairing holes, tears and shattered areas caused by a variety of impacts, trauma, environmental toxins, negative affirmations and genetic tendencies.

During a healing session one may experience:

  • Feeling of profound peace and unconditional love

  • Releasing of blocked or "stuck" energies in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the energetic field

  • High vibrational healing akin to energetic acupuncture

  • Deeper connection to higher self and accelerated spiritual awakening

  • Filling of the spiritual bodies with brilliant light

  • Connection to the realms of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and pure Source love

  • Feeling supported and full of "bliss"

  • Deep relaxation

  • And more!

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