For those of you available for hands on sessions in Bethel & Westport, CT

Fearlessly Authentic 

Life Program

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The ultimate objective of The New Human University is to promote vertical evolution of Consciousness into new Life Altitudes and spark a Revolution. The Revolution will end in a rebirth of the species as The NEW HUMAN.

Is this why you were born?

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1 Day Shift Immersion Retreat

a Transformational Immersion Retreat Day.  9am-5pm.

Offered on specific dates, 4 times a year

throughout NY & CT

Awakening to

Higher Brain Living®

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Join us for a 2-day, live retreat with Dr. Michael Cotton and his team. Learn the revolutionary ‘brain first’ meditation technique. Energize your Higher Brain, access enlightened states of consciousness, fall in love with yourself and take that back to the world.

Chicago & NYC

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Is your life deeply fulfilling? Not just OK, but truly amazing? If you are like most people, the answer to this question is no… and it’s getting worse.

There is *one key* to lasting happiness...

Pathway to 



PraxisAletheia, a Metamodern Mystery School, is picking up the torch in the 21st century. New knowledge has been revealed. This new knowledge includes the discovery of emergent ‘human inner organic technologies’, a new spiritual enlightenment experience, and a higher stage of human consciousness.

Praxis Aletheia