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Our Collective Transformation

Do you genuinely believe that what you have has the capacity to change the world?  If not, what will you do to get there?  There are several options below to expand your vertical  transformation.

The Fearlessly Authentic Life Program

You can have new thoughts, great goals, big dreams and compelling visions…but these thoughts, goals, dreams and visions are fleeting if the Higher Brain does not drive them forward.

There must be a corresponding change in brain function to match your new thoughts, goals and dreams…or they do not become sustainable.

After a decade of research and development, a system has been developed that does exactly that. The Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your Higher Brain, helps you create a new map of your life, and brings that empowered Higher Brain state to all areas of your life. This is how true and lasting transformation happens.

HBL_130218290 orig.JPG

1 Day Shift Immersion Retreat

This 1 Day Retreat tunes your Higher Brain to the experience of enlightenment consciousness. It promotes the ‘tuning’ of your Higher Brain to receive specially designed contemplative techniques that open you to the direct realization of your divine nature.


This technique plunges you into your Transcendent Self—an enlightened state of consciousness that provides immediate experiential knowledge of the eternal unborn and undying aspect of YOU. The timeless, eternal ‘now’ is a dimension of your being that is forever free and always knows peace.


Your tuned Higher Brain and the corollary awakening to your Transcendent Self can become an ever-present source of peace and freedom and can ultimately be poured into the day-to-day life of your Authentic Self and its evolutionary movement in the world.

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