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Brand Name: CVNC
Drum Pad: 7
Diameter: 12-16 inch
Origin: Mainland China
Size: 6-12 inch
Color:: White Frosted
Material:: Quartz Crystal >99.99%
Size and Note:: 12"C,11"D,10"E,9"F,8"G,7"A,6"B
Frequency:: 440Hz or 432Hz
Accessory:: 2 rubber mallets, 2 suede mallets, 7 rubber O-rings
Chakra :: 7 chakras
Application 1:: Crystal Singing Bowls for Anxiety| Hypertension|Stress |sleep healing
Application 2:: Release anxiety& tension| release stress| meditation chakra healing
Application 3:: Vibration Harmony| Energy Balance| Boost energy| Calm sound bath
Application 4:: Music therapy| Yoga Sound Healing| Instrument playing
Product name 1:: Crystal singing instructent| crystal singing tool| music crystal bowl
Product name 2:: Crystal singing crucible| quartz singing crucible
Product name 3:: Musical crystal bowl| sound therapy bowl| sound therapy instructent

CVNC 6-12" White Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set 7pcs

SKU: 32782294474
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