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A Blissful, Purpose Driven Life Is Within Reach

Transformational Healing with

Laura Alvarez

Meet Laura

Transformational Healer

As a Transformational Healer, Laura Alvarez is certified to help people create powerful and inspirational change in their lives allowing them to live with more joy, clarity, purpose, passion & empowerment. 


Laura's mission is to help each beautiful being find their inner light, discover their life's purpose and shine. 

Her training & certifications include: 

-Previously Certified Mastery Facilitator of The Higher Brain Living® Program

-Certified 13th Octave LaHoChi Practitioner

-Certified Sound Healer

-Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

-Certified in Aromatherapy & AromaTouch Technique

-Holistic Wellness Coach

-Ordained Minister


Laura encourages each one of us to live freely, laugh hard, love deeply, sing loudly, forgive often and leave nothing unsaid.


What You Can Experience

Releasing Stress &

Trauma stored in your body

Identifying Limiting Beliefs or Hot Spots holding you back in your Mind, Body, Relationships & Environment

Discovering the Song in the Soul of the Authentic Self

Awakening to Higher States of Consciousness & Enlightenment 

Increasing your Vertical Transformation & Evolutionary Growth. Ushering in A New Human

The Journey Towards Enlightenment

Begins with Activating the Higher Structures of Your Brain.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Laura is insightful, intuitive, open and filled to the brim with white light!  She has changed my Life for the better....for Ever.

- Doris H. 

With the very first touch Laura made to my spine, I had an amazing release! My body began to react in ways it had never responded to any other work. I felt clear minded and calm, something I was desperately needing that day!

- Dawn G.

Laura is like an angel on Earth, guiding me away from my self-created blocks and towards a life of dreams realized and constant flowing love and vibrance.

- Melissa R.

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